Saturday, 14 April 2012


Worthy Words Workshops had another good session on Wednesday 11th April.  Everyone seems to be engrossed in one project or another, but this session's theme, markets and finding yourself a niche appeared to touch a cord with all. Writing takes up so much precious time, yet very few pay particular attention to marketing, which is vital when trying to publish your work.  My advice to anyone wishing to aim for publication is to choose one or two magazines and get to know those magazines really well - noting the length of the feature or story, the style and the content.  Try to imagine your average reader by the following:
How old is the reader - look at the adverts.
What is the educational level - look at the puzzles in the magazine.
What are their hobbies - Do the magazine have knitting patterns, cookery tips or arts and crafts.
What is their marital status - look at the problems page - are the articles about getting or keeping a man?
Where do they live - are there articles about DIY - look at the cost of the suggestions.
Once you have built up a picture of your average reader, then you are able to think of features and stories that the reader will be able to identify with.  Find you own niche in the market place.  If you are confident and happy in what you are writing, it will show in your writing.  Good luck!

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