Thursday, 27 January 2011

It's About Time I Blogged!

I simply can't believe that January 2011 is nearly through! It is rather frightening when one realises that the days are just sailing by, and if I'm not careful I will find myself in a catch situation. So... I think it is about time I reviewed 2010, and looked at some forwarding planning for 2011.

January 2010 - started badly for me with a spate of asthma attacks and chest infections, not helped by the fact that I was snowbound for 10 days.

February 2110 - This left me working at a silly catch-up situation with my book Haunted Worthing.

March/April/May 2010 - working 'flat out' on various projects, until one day I discovered that a pile of notes I had accumulated in no particular order and no structure to a book, had as though by magic turned itself into a manuscript that resembled a book. This is always a good feeling. Between the book on Haunted Worthing I also managed to completely update The Story of Pembrokeshire and The Story of Gower.

June 2010 - Te beginning of June I managed to squeeze in a super break to Normandy. Suitably relaxed and refreshed I spend the rest of the month travelling along the coast researching shipwrecks and visiting some excellent museums.

July/August 2010 - saw me proof reading and working on Shipwrecks of Sussex and locating and taking photographs for the book.

September 2010 - I heard that I had had been successful in Southampton's Writing Buddies First Anniversary competition, picking up a first place in the 1500 word short story category, a third place for a non-fiction article, and a highly commended for another 1500 word short story.

October 2010 - Saw the launch of Haunted Worthing at British Bookshops in Worthing, and also at The Dolphin Hotel in Littlehampton. Both launches took place around Hallowen

November 2010- A frantic month as I re-worked my Shipwrecks book. I had far too much material, so I ended up re-jigging chapters and taking two out. Eventually it was finished!

December 2010 - The month was lost to Christmas preparations and he year ended with a well deserved rest!

Which brings me to the month of January 2011. The publication of The Story of Pembrokeshire has been deferred to March 2011 and will be out in time for the Easter holiday trade. I have just, this week, finished proofreading The Story of Gower, so watch this space for more information on this book The Shipwrecks of Sussex will also be launched in 2011. June will be a busy month as I am also organising a Stickler Syndrome Support conference 10-12 June at Daventry.