Friday, 15 June 2012


Madlen Namro and Wendy Hughes had a wonderful time last Saturday launching their book 'Rainbow Stories: Facts and Things to do at the Stickler Syndrome Support Group conference.  Both authors are members of the SWWJ.  The weather was blustery but it didn't spoil the fun.  Many thanks to the Mobile Creche Company  who looked after the children SO well and used the characters in the book in their face painting sessions.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Julie Williams who runs the company is a wonderful lady who really enjoyed having the children around her. Well done Julie, you did us proud yet again. Anyone interested in more information about the book contact Wendy.  Many, many thanks to all who attended the launch.   Now it is on to my next book Not a Guide to...Worthing.  Watch this space to learn more as the story unfolds!

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  1. Wooo! You are a power packed lady. Its great to know about you Wendy. Thanks for taking time to visit and comment.