Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Launch of Haunted Worthing

Haunted Worthing was launched yesterday at British Bookshops in Montague Place in Worthing, and many thanks you all who came, and a special thanks to all who bought a copy. It was a very successful day and I do hope you will enjoy finding out a little more about Worthing and its surrounds. Worthing is noted for its seaside and 'fresh air' qualities and is relatively new as towns go, so at first glance you may not even consider it a spooky town. But think again! The ghosts who reside at Worthing are quite a friendly peaceful bunch, so it is obvious that they are content to life in harmony with their surroundings. So next time you wander into the town keep a lookout for the ghostly figures of two children peering from an upstairs window onto the main street, or you may catch a sighting of the tall ghost dressed in white that once frequented the Dragoon public house, the scene of a brawl that ended in murder. Some say it's his ghost that used to frequent the pub before it was demolished, so where is he now? Perhaps you have even caught a glimpse of the 'Grey Lady' making a fleeting appearance in the Connaught Theatre? If walking is your pleasure then on your travels you may encounter the 8ft hooded monk studying his prayer book, or perhaps you may see the flickering candles in the middle of road, possibly connected with the Knights Templar. Just 'down the road' at Littlehampton a visit to the Dolphin Hotel, declared to be the most haunted building in the town, is a truly freaky experience, and not one for the fainted hearted. Here live a whole family of ghosts, including a nursery full of mischievous children who love to play games together, run around, make plenty of noise and are known to throw the odd item or three, but don't stay in room number 2. as you may meet the top half of a lady!
However launch over, no time to rest as I am putting the finishing touches to Shipwrecks of Sussex, so watch this post for updates. Meanwhile I am eagerly waiting copies of The Story of Pembrokeshire which is due for release on 15 November. This is a greatly updated version of the book that came out in 1993, and has been in print every since. This edition will have two sections of coloured photographs, and will be approximately 50% longer. If you enjy this beautiful historic part of the world, so look out for a copy.

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