Sunday, 22 August 2010

Shipwrecks and Meeting The Authors at Selsey

What a hectic week, but a very productive one, with visits to the martime museums at Newhaven, Seaford and Shoreham in pursuit of information for my next book Shipwrecks on the South Coast, which is now taking shape and leaving me with a dilemma! There are so many shipwrecks that I think I will have be very selective, but a very enjoyable situation for an author to be in.
The highlight of the week for me was on Friday when I went along along to the 'Meet The Authors' event organised by Selsey Writers as part of the Selsey Festival. There were around 22 authors there, all eager to talk about their books and meet their readers. Pictured above is me with my very dear friend Josephine Chia who amongst other things has written an excellent book as a tribute to her mother. It has a most unusual title 'Frog Under a Coconut Shell', which is a Malay idiom that likens someone to a frog that lives under a coconut shell and who believes the shell to be its entire world. It refers to Josephines mother who although herself uneducated and living a parochial existence in a small village believed in and struggles for a greater vision - the right to educate her daughter and is a wonderful testament to the love and courage of a mother that changed Josephine's life forever. If you only buy one book this year, make sure it is this one. Do visit her website and learn more about her work

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