Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sutton Writers Circle

It is always a pleasure to talk to fellows writers and on Friday 14 May I was not disappointed. I gave a talk at Sutton Writers Circle on Writing and Placing Articles - not an easy subject today with markets dwindling at an alarming rate, but it is not all doom and gloom and with a few sideways steps and some imagination most articles writers can come up with something new on an old subject. I talked first about one's attitude to publication, with is very important.
  • Treat your writing as a business and always act like a professional writer.
  • Be prepared - good supply of paper, envelopes, stamps and a GOOD quality cartridge in your printer.
  • Only submit your best work.
  • Be motivated and be determined to succeed and you WILL succeed.
Article writers, in some ways, are more fortunate than short story writers, because far more articles and published. The secret is to specialise in a couple of subjects at first and build up. There are plenty of markets out there, for example:
Newspapers - daily, weekly, regionals, nationals, Sunday supplements, local freebies.
Magazines - a glance along the shelves in your local newsagents should bring in a wealth of ideas.
Trade Journals - always a good source. The competition is less fierce and editors are often desperate for the right sort of material.
Don't forget the English speaking markets either Ireland, America, Canada, Singapore, etc.
Religious and Inspirational writing.
Food and Travel Magazines
Children and Teenage publications.
County Magazines
Seek out a new market and see if you could write for this publication. Thank you Sutton Writers for inviting me.
Saturday I attended the second of my 10 session courses on historic Worthing. This week the session included the great and the good of the town -Town Officials, Councillors and Aldermen. Chris Hare packed a great deal into the session and I have come away with a great deal that I would like to research further.

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