Wednesday, 13 October 2010

It's Arrived!

It is a long time since I posted, but that is because life has been full of exciting things!
First of all it has arrived! Haunted Worthing, I mean, always a truly exciting time for an author when you actually have something to show for all that research and hard work. I must say I am very pleased with it, and I do hope readers will enjoy it too. Worthing grew from a very small coastal, mackeral-fishing hamlet recorded as 'Ordings' in 1086 with a population of just twenty-two into a market town by 1803 and into a bustling Victorian seaside town. It has been home to smugglers and several well known literary figures over the centuries not to mention a holiday destination for thousands. The town is rich in history, and it is this past which has surely helped supply its pubs, theatres, streets ad houses with more than their fair share of ghouls and poltergeists. The ghosts in this book are on the whole a peaceful, fairly friendly bunch, but don't be misled. There are the exceptions, those poor souls with a sad past. In my latest book you will meet the 8ft monk reading his prayer book, the young girl whose hair is stroked by an unseen hand, two ghostly children caught on security camera, the famous musician who frequented his last home and the painting that weeps salty tears, and I am sure these tales will leave you chilled to the bone. But for a truly spooky experience pop down the road to the Dolphin Hotel in Littlehampton, declared the most haunted building in the town and meet a whole family of spooky ghosts and enjoy the truly freaky experience, but not one for the faint hearted. Here live Fred the blacksmith who resides in the cellar, and a nursery of mischievous children who love to play games together, run around, make plenty of noise and are known to throw the odd item or two, but don't stay at room number 2, as you may meet the top half a lady! The book has 70 black and white illustrations too.

The last few weeks have been very interesting as I pursue my research for shipwrecks! Did you know that over 200 ships were wrecked in Seaford alone? I have enjoyed days in Hastings, Seaford, Newhaven, and Worthing and Chichester nearer home. Deadline for Shipwrecks of Sussex is 30 November and I am in the happy position of feeling I will reach the deadline with no worries! In fact I have too much material! Watch this space for more information on publication date.

Finally the delayed Story of Pembrokeshire will be published on 15 November, so it has been a busy year to say the least, but a rewarding one!

On Tuesday 5th October I run a Day for Journalists and Non-fiction Writers for the SWWJ at The Writers House in London, which turned out to be most enjoyable as we shared our methods of working on a feature as well as on a non-fiction book. It was interesting to learn how each of set about sorting out our material. We also looked at various magazines as potential markets and I am sure everyone went home with at least one idea to pursue.

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